Oak Raised "S" Panel Top with Ball and Socket Tambour Joinery


This is IT! The ULTIMATE Home Office Desk Top. A one of a kind top section to your Desk Base (SPI-610). What a great way to spend forty-eight woodworking lab hours. The tambours are joined with a ball and socket joint no half-round glued to canvas on this unit. When you went shopping over one-hundred years ago this is the joinery you found when purchasing a Roll Top desk.


The following are specific woodworking technologies presented.

  • Create techniques in producing "S" curved raised panels
  • Learn why furniture items from one-hundred years ago are still around and functional
  • Acquire the skill in producing large raised panels
  • Manufacture Tambour stock
  • Develop the technique needed to produce ball and socket joints on a Tambour
  • Master the technique in attaching a tambour top unit to a desk

Class for AGES 14 and UP or with consent of the instructor

Class # SPI-624

A certificate is awarded upon class completion


    SPI-600, 601,607 or with consent of instructor
    NO materials or tools needed.


The class takes Sixty hours in eight hour blocks of time over a nine-day period. The days may occur over one week to a two month period. Hours may be altered depending on the circumstances. Check with the Academy office for further information. See the calendar for dates or call for unannounced times.


Tuition $1,265.00 + Laboratory $290.00 + Materials (solid oak) $147.00 = $1,702 and you keep the project.


1304 West Lark Industrial, Fenton, MO 63026 • (636) 343-3750

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