Manufacturing a laminated counter top to use as an inverted router table


Do you need a large top for your ©Incra Jig or ©Jointmatic joint producing units? Enjoy sixteen hours of woodworking experience. A large flat surface is always best for an inverted router. The instructor in this class exposes you to counter top manufacturing including cutting a sink style insert. All this allows you to create a premiere router table with plenty of surface for those large projects.


The following are specific woodworking technologies presented.

  • Learning about various types of laminate (high pressure versus low pressure)
  • Discern the difference in the quality of core materials
  • Discover various types of adhesives and their bonding strengths
  • Master the technique for applying contact cement
  • Gain knowledge about the sequence for applying laminates
  • Determine the correct router bit selection for each laminate section
  • Experience plunge routing


Class for AGES 14 and UP or School's Permission

Class # SPI-617

A certificate is awarded upon class completion


    SPI-600 or with consent of the School. 
    NO materials or tools needed.


The class takes sixteen hours in eight hour blocks of time over a two-day period.  Days and times may be altered depending on the circumstances.



Tuition $525.00 + Laboratory $225.00 + Materials  $97.00 = $847.00 and you keep the project.


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